Sun Microsystems

The Building Schools for the Future was a Government-led investment programme to renovate or re-build schools across the UK. As part of the programme, Sun Microsystems were contracted to design, build and maintain a number of district-wide Learning Management Systems (LMS) which would be used by educators and students across the North England.


I acted as Lead Designer for the Sun project team from tender through to delivery. I was responsible for the initial requirements gathering process, working with teachers, governors and students to understand how the LMS might support them in their school lives. I was also responsible for the development of the final system architecture, the interaction and user interface design and the system art direction.

My job as Lead Designer required working with a number of development partners including Sun’s own development team, their sub-contracted development partners and the appropriate technical directors from the client schools. To ensure that the user experience remained consistent across all the different work streams I created a patterns library which recorded – in a common style and format – the common interaction flows included in the LMS.


Chris Tighe-Ford

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