British Petroleum

BP wished to design and build a global Learning Management System (LMS) to support training and encourage knowledge sharing between their upstream engineers. Working with Kineo Group llc I acted as the Lead Designer, working with the BP project team from project inception through to the final delivery.

During the project initiation phase I was responsible for discovering and clarifying BP’s broad project objectives and consulting with different stakeholders to ensure that our final design would address their specific needs.

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BP required that the LMS be trialled to a sub-set of the final audience and the date for the beta launch was decided prior to project start. To ensure that we were able to meet the deadline we agreed to create ‘rapid prototypes’ of our proposed user experience and user interface designs. These were presented to the BP project team as part of a rapid, iterative design process, allowing the team to input meaningfully into the design process.

View a sample interaction flow

With feedback collected from the project team I worked with the Lead developer and the wider development team to ensure that the wireframe designs I had created were deployed correctly across the system.


Chris Tighe-Ford

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